Thursday, 5 April 2012

There's a Pirate in our house!

First Easter Holiday activity for M and I was a cinema outing with some of her mini-pals to see "Pirates, An Adventure with Scientists". M is almost 3 years old and has been to the cinema quite a few times, she really enjoys it and it is always a great "rainy" day activity for us. Possibly the popcorn is the most alluring factor for her at the moment, but she does sit and often laughs out loud at the film (she gets that from me) and on occasion has been known to dance in the aisles (me again I'm afraid). Whilst waiting for the Muppets Movie the new Pirates film was advertised and I never heard the end of it until I was able to confirm the play date to her.

From the makers of Wallace & Gromit and with Hugh Grant voicing the main man Pirate Captain, I can't deny that I was looking forward to seeing this too. And it didn't disappoint! Overall a clever, amusing and highly entertaining film. One of those gems that give enough children's comic to keep them sitting still and a healthy dollop of thinly-veiled adult content to keep the parents amused. I did laugh out loud. A lot. Possibly the only one at times, but nothing new there.

One of my favourite things about this film was one of the characters, Cutlass Liz. She was one of the rival Pirate Captain's and sashayed her way onto the screen all buxom bosoms and very-rounded hips. Voiced by Salma Hayek, Kitty Softpaws of recent Puss in Boots fame, Cutlass Liz was a proper badass. When presenting her Pirate Loot, she handed over a massive diamond, I think the irony of this was completely lost on the Toddler, but only further illustrated that this woman was proper "doing it for herself"! Sista.

I thought Cutlass Liz was pretty cool when she swung into the movie (really those hips do nothing more than swing!) but was impressed when M turned to me and said "she looks like me mommy!". Now the Toddler is all blue eyes, curly blonde hair, long legs and "toddler shaped", so actually nothing of the Barbados-origin, big-breasted, hip swinging type that Cutlass Liz represented. Plus she doesn't drink rum or spit through her teeth. But, I couldn't help but admire her thought process. My little one was obviously as appreciative of this character as I was, and really I was impressed with her body image.

Now if I can bottle some of that positive body image and hang onto the good bits, wielding out the crop tops, shirt tied under the breasts, rum drinking and spitting I think we're onto a winner for a sound 14-year old... or maybe she just really wants to be a Girl Pirate!?

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