Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Do you want to speak to the boss?

Try as we like to think we have this parenting thing under control, there is always one statement that comes to mind: "Do you want to speak to the woman who thinks she's in charge (Me) or the woman who actually is (The Daughter)? I quite like this image taken on a recent family outing to a local farm, Daughter wasn't actually in a strop, this was a normal conversation, this is just her natural pose. Actions speak louder than words and all that.

Take this morning, Princess came through for a cuddle when she woke up, bringing fluffy toy of the moment with her. Daddy was just about out the door for an early meeting. He came to say goodbye to us. Apparently he didn't do it right and Princess demanded a kiss on the lips not the forehead, he laughed whilst she puckered up and waited. Having got that off of him, she demanded Mommy gets the same. Really?! I am not a "on the lips before I brush my teeth or have a wee" kind of girl. Doesn't matter, I got it anyway. Princess then demanded a "big cuddle" and finally waved Daddy off with a "have a nice day, see you later".

Then it was my turn. "Mommy come on, get up, open your eyes, turn your head over, rub your eyes and stretch like this" (demonstration from Princess as to how I should be stretching), then a good morning smooch from Princess and her fluffy kitten toy. The duvet was then flung off and after noticing my PJ top wasn't quite making it over my belly I got this: "Moooommmm that is disgusting, no one wants to see that!". Thanks honey, just when I thought the new exercise regime was starting to pay off, Daughter puts me right. May as well give up and go back to a glass a night, no?

All this before 8am.

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  1. QM sez - she must have had ( at least) 3 generations to watch and learn that stance from! love it