Friday, 2 March 2012

Good Taste, Nature vs Nurture?

If my daughter's taste in footwear is anything to go be then the answer is definitely: Nurture!

The Toddler has had these for a while, but has never shown much interest in them, favouring instead, pink converse, Peppa Pig wellies or bling crocs (yes, bling crocs!). However, after a recent step-up in her efforts to imitate Puss in Boots and his Flamenco dancing, she has re-discovered the joys of the "clip clop shoe".

These lime green beauties are suddenly constantly in my line of sight. And bar from the obvious tripping hazard, the look of them is starting to cause me great worry. Forget five-a-day, fresh air and daily exercise, working lime green "clip clop shoes" out of my daughter's wardrobe is very high on the priority list!

As a bit (large bit) of a shoe girl myself, I can't help but look at these pieces of plastic lush and pray that The Toddler's taste in shoes improves with age. Improves a lot with age!

P.S It does occur to me that after publishing this The Toddler will probably take a very keen interest in my shoe cupboard and I will be posting about how I have discovered I am not ready to share my shoes with my 2-year old... laws of physics and all that.
P.P.S Toddler has just walked past me and upon seeing the image of her dress-up shoes, said to me "oh wow mommy, they're my favourite!". Damn.


  1. Oh no, now you've showcased them online for her, they are going to seem even more alluring. My 2 year old is equally interested in shoes, she's just now been wandering round in a pair of my ankle boots. She has yet to bag herself a pair of clip clop shoes, but I feel the moment is not too far away, as our neighbour's toddler recently got some!! It is a moment I dread!

    1. Her fickle head has been lured by "Cinderella shoes", have told her she will need to ask the Birthday Fairy. I.e not a chance! Your floor boards will never be the same after the clip clops enter the house… but at least your ankle boots will survive a bit longer! x

  2. Hahahahaha,and even worse is the fact that you admit buying them for her.

    Now I would have loved them when I was that young.

    1. Yes true, they were part of the "well done on giving up your dummy" pack. However I was hoping the pink or purple ones who have been more to her liking though… never mind, she has turned her attention to Holly Shiftwell from Cars 2 this week and the heels are safely under the bed again. x