Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Frightful, fearless and just plain fabulous, it's Oscars 2012 time!

I tweeted this morning about asking The Toddler to please nap soon so that I could view the Oscars 2012 dresses online. Having perused Twitter over my bowl of Cheerio's I was desperate to get an eyeful of the frocks. For those people who did their work in an office today I bet you all got to view the frocks before I did! After toddlers ballet lesson, lunchtime, washing, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, cleaning up, getting organised for bedtime and a gym session I finally got to sit down and go online. Was it worth the wait? You betcha! Nice work ladies, but to some of you... sack the stylist and better luck next year!

Below is my personal review of the frightful, fearless and just plain fabulous frocks from Oscars 2012.

Coming in at number 1 is undoubtedly Gwyneth Paltrow in that Tom Ford wonder, complete with her own superhero Cape. Whilst the cape is always a little hit-and-miss Gwyneth cut a beautiful silouette and she looked truly fabulous. That woman very rarely puts a fashion foot wrong and this time round was no exception. In my next life I want Gwennie's wardrobe, body and bank balance. You can keep the blonde hair and husband though. Oh, and the macrobiotic lifestyle choices.

Next up for me was Milla Jovovich in her embellished one-shoulder wonder. Am a big Milla fan, every since the Supermodels of the 90's and her time in the Fifth Element film! She looked effortlessly gorgeous.

Ironically I am not a fan of white/cream/ivory/anything that resembles a wedding dress on the red carpet, but stand out gowns for me this year were all worthy of an aisle. An aisle in a castle mind you, like Madonna's once-upon-a-time fairytale wedding.

Further bride-like nods of approval from me went to Kristen Wiig (looked so normal-women beautiful, very understated and uber-cute) and Cameron Diaz in her strapless nude creation. Nice job Cammy, loving the new hair and really appreciated how your arms looked less like a wrestler and more like the hot chick we all know you are.

Off the bridal theme, Emma Stone's frock was fearless. Red dress, red hair should't have worked, but it did. Take note ladies, don't be afraid! The high-necked bow detailing could have gone either way as well, but again, she just landed up looking fabulous. Miss Stone has made it to my "please can I look like this one day" list.

The not-so-fabulous-but-doesn't-really-matter-because-she-is-amazing award goes to Meryl Streep. Way too much gold foiling for one woman. However the style was very flattering and Meryl was so good in "The Devil Wears Prada" that I couldn't possible slate her.

However, I can slate Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock and J-Lo. All of these women should have known better. Natalie Portman is a beyond beautiful woman, but that polka dot creation was more Minnie Mouse does Couture than Oscars Couture. Now that I think about it, she did give birth last year. Maybe this is the equivalent to me trading my heels for converse trainers? Although I thought her son would have been too young for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Miss Bullock's dress had potential, but was far too stiff for her persona, plus that embroidered bit around her waist looked like fingers trying to gauge her out. Very distracting. Now J-Lo is a very foxy lady, her behind is well-worth whatever amount it is insured for, but that dress did her no justice! Way too many candy stripes for that level of curve and way too little support for, well, that level of curve. Think her new young man, Casper, is leading her astray.

Lastly, mention must go to Angelina Jolie. Whilst the black velvet Versace number was fabulous in itself, her bed hair was very sexy and Brad Pitt was her date, that right leg was very disturbing. It is far too skinny and had to be shoved out at an unnatural angle to really get the full effect of that slit, this move made her look like she was perhaps hiding a few of her kids under the skirt to smuggle them into the ceremony. All this done through a very big, red-lipped smile. A smug smile of course, she is probably thinking "say what you like, I'm the one holding his hand!"

So, a round up of the memorable frocks for me, good or bad, same time next year? Until then, normal child-rearing activities will commence.

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