Sunday, 26 February 2012

My name is Suz and I'm a Mommy Bore*

*Bore not Whore!

I read a recent article stating that the worst kind of tweets or Facebook posts are from Mommy Bores. You know the ones who post online about every leaf the Toddler gives them as a present (mine does this, I mainly bin them when she's not looking), or the ones who post pictures online of every outfit (I do this, but mainly because the Toddler is pretty cute and has a fierce wardrobe that I am secretly very envious of) or the ones who think it's cute that their kiddie woke them up at 2am clutching their favourite story wanting you to read it to them (mine does this, I refuse and send her back to bed, it wasn't cute).

I felt a little defensive after reading that article.

You must be wondering why I confess to being a Mommy Bore  and feeling defensive towards my status if I display such mixed opinions of the kind of parent who does these posts (i.e. paragraph 1)... to be honest I fall on either side of the divide, I have in turn laughed at Mommy Bore Posts, cringed at such posts for just being totally ridiculous or really enjoyed seeing/reading them. I feel like I can be hypocritical on this subject matter because I abide my by own set of strict online rules:-

  1. Facebook is very private and reserved for family and close friends. Frequent posts include pictures of the Toddler, (edited) holiday snaps and a few drunken posts about the woes of have too many vino's the night before the Toddler's 9am ballet lesson. 
  2. Twitter is open to the general public and reserved for mainly adult (not the porn variety) tweets. I like to think of Twitter as my space for my own views and my account doesn't include any pictures of the wee one.
  3. The Blog is a little bit of both, hence "Pieces of Suz", without naming names or including personal pictures and encompassing all aspects of me (not to be confused with that multi-personality syndrome).

The thing to remember here people is that a) you can delete friends from your Facebook account; b) you can choose to protect your tweets and accept followers "by invitation only" and c) you can choose to have a private blog. In other words you can use what you want to see and read. You know, as in you have the control!

Also, there are some small, but significant differences between a Mommy Bore and a Smug Mommy! The Mommy Bore thinks her kids rock, however is a total realist and knows that although she loves them to bits they are flawed and can sometimes be a tad annoying. She loves them anyway. The Mommy Bore generally posts the good, bad and downright ugly aspects of parenting and can laugh at herself and her delightfully flawed family. She crushes on the characters in the Disney movies and sniggers at euphemisms involving "Woody" from Toy Story.  On the other hand the Smug Mommy doesn't believe a M&S meal counts as homemade, she keeps every leaf her kiddies gives her as a gift and doesn't bin the pictures from nursery with just one tiny dot on them.

I like to think I avoid Smug Mommy territory by warning my followers before doing anything smug, as in *warning smug mommy post to follow*, thereby giving them the chance to switch off and avoid any forthcoming messages. Am nothing but selfless, I know.

In saying all this I have noticed that anyone who claims to despise the Mommy Bores does not in fact have any children and in turn is equally irritating for their "up all night awesome party" posts, followed closely by "slept all day due to hangover from awesome party" posts. I found these posts annoying because I am a little jealous that I am not at said awesome party or sleeping for most of a day. See, am just jealous hence hating on your "awesome party" posts... Think about that Mommy Bore Haters!


  1. QM SEZ it takes all types to maketh the world - thank goodness

  2. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!! xxx

  3. Ha! A fan, yippee! Thanks for the comment and feedback. x