Friday, 17 February 2012

Sharing is Caring.

Having had this blog account for a few months I must confess that I hadn't shared the URL link. With anyone. Not even my (mostly) anonymous Twitter followers. Why you ask? Firstly, I was embarrassed by the lack of content. Secondly, I am still sussing out this blogging game. Finally, I am still sussing out the blogging content - nobody wants to be a “blogging-no-mates”.

More recently, I told my Mom and The FiancĂ© I had a blog, separately. They both responded with “but what will you talk about, besides your Daughter”?! I can’t lie, I didn’t take it well, from either source. I like to think of myself as an (as yet) unopened atom bomb of useful information and brimming with wit and intelligence. Ahem. After I got off my soapbox and the room emptied of the notorious pink elephant left behind from a well-meaning, yet ill-timed comment, I had a little think about what they had both said.

I also did some google homework and found plenty of successful, funny, insightful and useful bloggers - blogging about their kids and pretty much everyday activities of having said kids. Great, I will join them I thought.

So I pressed the “share” button. Then sent the link to my Big Brother. He was very enthusiastic and told me I was going to be the next BIG internet sensation. I am pretty sure he wasn’t referring to my *growing* bottom and hopefully nothing to do with the notoriously large "adult" internet business either.

This is for all those people out there who will benefit from these ramblings. Someone will I’m sure of it.

GSOH need only apply.

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  1. There is a great deal to be said for rambling (I would say that, I ramble also). I look forward to reading lots more!